Organizations face a lot of challenges when it comes to hiring the right candidates and getting them onboarded and then trained to meet the job requirements. A lot of time is consumed in screening candidates on job domain knowledge, and back ground check done and it eats into the HRs bandwidth.The next cumbersome and expensive process is Training Content preparation and Training delivery to the new recruits to make them job ready and deliver on the job requirements . EasyRecruit+ helps and supports Organizations to shortlist candidates with a good aptitude and technical abilities for a particular job profile, and have a thorough background verification done before/ after onboarding and then provide them with adequate training to make them do the assigned job role effectively.

Our Legacy

With humble beginnings and a legacy of educational excellence over 16 years, The Lexicon Group of Institutes is a premier educational hub renowned for setting benchmarks in the field of education. Mr. S.D. Sharma, Chairman, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, established The Lexicon International Schools in 2006 and now The Lexicon Group of Institutes, with 8 of its educational institutions, caters to the educational needs of more than 16000 students.

The Lexicon Group of Institutes is in the forefront of Education with institutions like Lexicon Kids , The Lexicon Schools, Lexicon MILE, Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management, Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising and Lexicon Fitness Academy. The Lexicon Group of Companies is now in media through Pune Times Mirror and Civic Mirror, health and fitness through MultiFit, baby-care products through CITTA, S.T.E.M-based education through ThinkerPlace and legal services through Rest The Case.

EasyRecruit+, is a venture to help and support Organizations to shortlist candidates with good aptitude, technical abilities and with a verified background and Train them to be effective in their roles.

Leadership Team

  • MR. S. D. SHARMA

    Chairman, The Lexicon Group

    President, The Lexicon Group of Institutes and Chairman & MD Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror & MultiFit

    Vice Chairman, The Lexicon Group Director, Pune Mirror & Civic Mirror

    Group CEO - The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack & EasyRecruit+, Associate Editor - Pune Times Mirror & Civic Mirror

    Chief Executive Officer, Educrack and EasyRecruit+

EasyRecruit+ Package

The EasyRecruit+ package offers a combination of 3 services for assessment , Back Ground Verification, and Training,that altogether can benefit you with intended results in a less amount of time and cost. It is a tried and tested package that solves your day-to-day problems and enhances your productivity. Here are the services that are available in the package either individually or as a package:


  • Basic English, Reasoning, Mathematical ability tested through MCQ.
  • The Domain specific questions can also be added to check domain skills.
  • For IT positions, technical knowledge and programming skills can be assessed.
  • Scores and Comparative scores is generated.
  • Can be administered to multiple candidates simultaneously without eating into HR’s time.
  • The ATT can be taken by the candidates from anywhere and is proctored.
  • Helps HR Managers shortlist the right candidate with Time Save.


  • Address Verification
  • Educational Qualification
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional Reference Verification
  • Court Record Verification
  • Police Verification
  • Social Media Check
  • Global Database Check

HTP Hire-Train-Place

A unique program curated for Corporates hiring in large numbers for either Junior Management Cadre or Front line positions. The programme includes Hire-ny screening and shortlisting candidates for Hiring in the Client Organization. Hiring is followed by Training through a team of qualified SME /Trainers with post traing assesments. Post this the Trained candidates are placed in the Client Organization for starting their job or OJT.

Advantages of EasyRecruit+

  • Will help you select technically skilled candidates.
  • Gives a detailed report and analysis for your support.
  • No tension of hiring and training
  • Will help you in making decisions.
  • Easy-to-use and readily available online.
  • Will save valuable time.
  • Helps you get the right resources in your Organization.
  • Increase overall productivity of the HR Dept.

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